In order to become free from opiates, one must stop their use (“get clean”) and this process is called detoxification or simply detox. The GOLD STANDARD of care is buprenorphine (Subtex or Suboxone) detoxification. Physicians with special training and certification are authorized by the federal government to utilize this durg in their private office. Dr. Westerman, who has been board certified in Addiction Psychiatry, & is a certified buprenorphine physician. He offers a two to three week program for rapid and easy outpatient detoxification. In addition to your office visits, he is available to you by telephone 12 hours a day, seven days of the week. This means you are not doing it alone. He also has available a Suboxone Maintenance Program for those who need a period of transition between drug use and a complete drug free life.



 “Cold Turkey”. Just stop and suffer through the withdrawal. This is not considered to be a life threatening experience for one in reasonably good health. Those who have done it, or tried to do it, will say, however, that it felt like a life or death ordeal. This approach is seldom successful.


Detoxification utilizing non-narcotic medications for withdrawal symptoms. Muscle relaxants, sedatives, hypotensives, etc. are administered to relieve the suffering during withdrawal. This is a better option, but it is still an ordeal.


“Rapid Detoxification” requires hospitalization & general anesthesia. The patient is detoxified with an opiate antagonist will anesthetized. The patient is then brought back to consciousness and discharged home. This approach I consider to be too dangerous and too expensive. General anesthesia can have severe complications. Frequently, following a return to consciousness, the patient is agitated or even violent.


Detoxification using Methadone. Federally regulated Methadone clinics are available for those who are interested becoming involved with Methadone. Withdrawal from this drug is a difficult and lengthy process.



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